Stage 5: The Coming Together  
Between July 2007 and July 2008 we discovered just how many "small things" weren't ready to go back on that beautiful body. So, much of that year was spent cleaning/polishing/painting or replacing many of the bits and pieces that complete a car. Between August 2007 and June 2008 we ordered 85 items totaling over $2700 for Chitty. For example we ended up pulling and dismanteling the steering column and discovered that several small parts were missing (such as felt bushings-no wonder the steering column rattled around). And we started working the interior, learning that many of the off-the-shelve spray adhesives weren't quite as good as advertised. Then a friend, Wayne Baker, came to the rescue with an aircraft materials adhesive that works great.

Left/Right: In August 2007 Chuck and Karen came upt to TN and we started putting it together. The doors were easier than we thought they'd be, but the petrol tank took forever. The rear fenders were a snap.
In September we're really trying to put the interior together. Bear in mind, we're not sure if that's what we should be doing next. The one thing we never ordered, and should have, is a book on restoring MGTDs.



During the christmas holidays our daughter and her family, including husband Jeff, came down to TN from OH and Jeff and I started putting parts together. On the left we're counting all the types of nuts, bolts, washers, and screws it takes to hold on a fender and trying to make sure we have them all. On the right you can see that we were successful -fender, running board and headlight all in place. Well, at least on one side.

And the interior is looking pretty spiffy. But, we have a part left over and can't figure out what it is and where it goes. But another MG TD owner, Gary Fitzgerald in PA, after seeing this photo, went out and looked in his car and told me it holds the steering column in place in the engine compartment. Sure enough, it fits.

Over the next few months I rebuilt more stuff including the carbs and cleaned up others. And I started recovering the seats. Then in June Chuck and Karen returned for a visit and we finally put the other fender and running board on, gave it a tune up, started her up. How amazing it is that after 3 years of sitting around in pieces, it starts right up. And how sweet it sounds.
Naturally, if it's running it has to be test driven. So, first Pat and I went around the block and then Chuck and I did. Of course Chuck also had to test drive it. Then it was back in the garage tohave the hood installed.
Now the seats are back out and the carpet is being carefully instlalled. Then the seats go back in and we start on the convertible top and the tonneau cover. But, I've still some things left to do. Like, the crests in the middle of the hubcaps need to be polished and the center repainted. In the fall I'll pull the carbs and have the throttle shafts, bushings and butterflys replaced. But I want to have it here for local shows and an occasional pleasure drive.    

MG TD opening page
Stage 1 is the dismemberment of little Chitty Bang.
Stage 2 is the clean-up, restoration, and parts ordering to prepare her for her "make-over."
Stage 3 is the first step in the reassembly: installation of the engine and tranny.
Stage 4 is the second step in the reassembly: The tub is painted and we start hanging "stuff" on it.
Stage 6 is the 2008 -2009 shows and drives that Chitty-Bang participated in.