Stage 3: Reassembly, step 1
In the late fall of 2006 the engine and tranny were freshly painted,and the tranny had been rebuilt, the frame had been sandblasted and the bucket had been hand sanded and both had been primered. Now it was time to reinstall the engine and tranny, and do some other work in preparation for the final paint job.

The frame and tub have been cleaned, sanded, and primered and look flawless.
Here's the before, on the left, and the after, on the right. No, the engine number plate wasn't painted over - we just hadn't removed the masking tape yet. Amazing what a difference sand-blasting and paint can make.
We figured this would be a good time to redo the braking system: shoes if needed, rebuild cylinders, and all new lines. What we didn't figure on was all 4 front wheel cylinders being frozen solid. So, we'd been driving, or stopping, using only the rear brakes. I thought I just wasn't used to non-power brakes. So, a quick overnight delivery from Moss Motors and we were able to continue. This was the step that also taught me that bleeding the lines in these cars does NOT bleed the wheel cylinders.  


The photos below shows the engine/tranny before and after installation.
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Stage 1
is the dismemberment of little Chitty Bang.
Stage 2 is the clean-up, restoration, and parts ordering to prepare her for her "make-over."
Stage 4 is the second step in the reassembly: The tub is painted and we start hanging "stuff" on it.
Stage 5 is The Coming Together. When all the parts are put on and the test drive is taken
Stage 6 is the 2008 -2009 shows and drives that Chitty-Bang participated in.